We are Alive!

Yes that’s right we are now “Live” with this website, a Facebook page, and a physical studio space, reaching out to you, our current and future clients. And what better way to relieve your curiosity than with a bit of a blogging about what we get up to. As we go further, there will be many opportunities to look at so many things in the creative world around us.

In the new studio, the shelves are full of buttons, zips, bits and bobs, all sorts of imaginings. Fabrics are stacked ready to go, the machines are a humming, threads, scissors, and tape measure ready for you to step into a welcoming environment where we want you to feel comfortable when you come in for a visit, consultation, or fitting. We also have a fashion range called 13 O’clock, where garments and accessories made from up-cycled, re-purposed materials are available for you to purchase.

So yes we are live and we feel alive. Buzzing with excitement as clients come in wanting their new ball dress altered to be able to dance the night away in a magical setting. To hem that pair of smart trousers as you go to that all important job interview. Finding that the new fit you needs your favourite dress taking in to look fit all over.

I feel it is so important that we listen to what it is that you are looking for, that we are able to convey your needs into the alterations and feel as if the garment has a new lease of life in your hands as you wear it.

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