Christmas Stocking Workshop

Stockings image

When I first created the Christmas Stocking workshop about three years ago, I wanted to bring back that joy of a collective shared enjoyment, of story-telling, of sharing ideas and skills as we all sit round the table getting lost in the joy of making with our hands and our minds.

It is a reminder of in times gone by, how important it was to Make Do and Mend. This is currently seeing somewhat of a revival as we all become more aware of what we have, how we use it and the impact of our daily life on our beautiful planet. It is also recognising the value of re-purposing and reusing what we have, giving things a longer life when we do repairs or to give a new life as something else.

Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-purpose, Re-think, Re-made

See more on this workshop or to book your place here

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